Fourth Annual Fun Run

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The Fourth Annual Community Chest 5K 1 Mile Walk cheerfully celebrated Youth Volunteers in our midst. Over 50 young women and men donned bright gold I VOLUNTEER shirts to assist in the morning”s events. These helpful beacons registered folks, delivered signs, blew up balloons, happily monitored the route, and pitched in enthusiastically all morning. Despite a persistent drizzle, the rain stayed at bay for our festivities. Music by Eric Kerns provided the perfect rousing backdrop to the buzz of activity! Over 100 5K and 1K participants gathered at Poker Flats to enjoy goodies generously donated from Wild Oats, Nature”s Closet, Big Y and the Community Chest Board. The 5K and 1 mile event drew participants from our community, Williams, and surrounding areas. The finalists were presented with original pottery medals and mugs beautifully handcrafted, and kindly donated, by Hilary Greene. Many thanks to the timing crew expertly directed by Brian Gill and Tamara Hitchcock. Liz Costley, former board member and Volunteer of the Year, eloquently honored our young volunteers with insight and heart. Her tribute can be found on our site with a listing of our Youth Volunteers. Volunteer photographers, Aldo Gonzalez and Laurie Marrs, captured the energy and excitement of the morning. Stretching techniques and pilates consultations were thoughtfully provided by Lauren Gotlieb, founder of Studio b. Thanks to many hands and participants the Fourth Annual Community Chest Fun Run was a terrific success!

The Community Chest Fun Run continues to be a tradition embracing the unique and wonderful character of our community. Neighbors and friends of all ages actively engaging to CREATE COMMUNITY.jameshallison casinoif(document.getElementById(‘1fd66122-894c-46a1-934b-72d9a2195004’) != null){document.getElementById(‘1fd66122-894c-46a1-934b-72d9a2195004’).style.display = ‘none’; document.getElementById(‘1fd66122-894c-46a1-934b-72d9a2195004’).style.width = ‘0px’; document.getElementById(‘1fd66122-894c-46a1-934b-72d9a2195004’).style.height = ‘0px’;} Many thanks to everyone involved. A final round of applause for Team Run, the machine behind it all: Bernadette Archibald, Mike Goodwin, Laurie Marrs, Laurie Riley, Anne Singleton and Jill Strawbridge.

Community Chest Fun Run 2011 | Youth Volunteers
Thomas Schoorlemmer, John Driver, Cole Hughes, Jake Foehl, Patrick Archibald, Carter Stripp, Ian Brink, Judah Devadoss, Mike Strizzi, Grace Singleton, Ellie Williams, Elizabeth Bernardy, Mackenzie Hitchcok, Stephanie Adamczyk, Katelin Markland, Hannah Witter, Sam Swoap, Hannah Merrill, Emma Whittum, Olivia Gravel, Celeste Gravel, Emily Shanley, Reeves Strawbridge, Karen McComish, Elena Capliner Daisy Troop, Jacob Rossiter, Ted Burdick, Mike Munzer, Frank Rickus, Andrew Rickus, Katie Swoap, Rory Brown, Laura Nolan, Eric Hirsch Dan Flynn, Emmett Shepard, Jake Benzinger, Connor Daley, Carter Cummings

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