Who We Are

Thriving neighbors • Responsive Community

Our Values

Since 1927, the Williamstown Community Chest (WCC) has been a trusted presence in Williamstown and beyond. The staff and board are committed to:

Prudent stewardship

of donated resources


for community agencies


in times of crisis

Our Leadership

Meet the Williamstown Community Chest Board of Directors, staff, and Advisory Committee

  • Matt Carter
    Matt Carter President
  • Annie Art
    Annie Art Vice President
  • Tom Cragg
    Tom Cragg Treasurer
  • Gillian Sciacca
    Gillian Sciacca Secretary
  • Esther Bell
    Esther Bell Board of Directors
  • Tom Green
    Tom Green Board of Directors
  • Amy Jeschawitz
    Amy Jeschawitz Board of Directors
  • Margo Neely
    Margo Neely Board of Directors
  • Brian O’Grady
    Brian O’Grady Board of Directors
  • Nicole Porther
    Nicole Porther Board of Directors
  • Susan Puddester
    Susan Puddester Board of Directors
  • Mark Reach
    Mark Reach Board of Directors
  • Tom Sheldon
    Tom Sheldon Board of Directors
  • Jeannette Smith
    Jeannette Smith Boards of Directors
  • Amy Sosne
    Amy Sosne Board of Directors
  • Linda Conway
    Linda Conway Advisory Committee
  • Juliet Flynt
    Juliet Flynt Advisory Committee
  • Jim Kolesar
    Jim Kolesar Advisory Committee
  • Jim Mahon
    Jim Mahon Advisory Committee
  • Kathy McKnight
    Kathy McKnight Advisory Committee
  • Stephen F. Narey
    Stephen F. Narey Advisory Committee
  • Anna Singleton
    Anna Singleton Executive Director
  • Mary Strout
    Mary Strout Office Coordinator

our community campaign and fundraisers

every dollar raised helps support services provided locally by our member agencies

Who we help

Contributions to the Williamstown Community Chest are distributed to local agencies working to help people in our community meet a variety of challenges. Your gift addresses the needs of many who are struggling with issues of poverty, addiction, and abuse right here in Berkshire County

Fundraising Milestones

100% of the funds raised by the Williamstown Community Chest go directly to our 19 member agencies. As in years past, any first time donor’s support will be matched through a special gift.
$ 1 Million
$ 1 K
2023-24 GOAL
$ 1 K

Give to the Williamstown Community Chest

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