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The Williamstown Community Chest, in partnership with the Fund for Williamstown, the Chamber of Commerce and the Northern Berkshire Interfaith Clergy, has announced the creation of the Community Fund for the Spruces at Williamstown Savings Bank.

The Community Chest made a $10,000 grant to the new fund from its Emergency Fund. All donations to the Fund will assist residents of the Spruces with necessities in the weeks and months ahead following the devastation of Hurricane Irene.

Donations may be made to “Community Fund for the Spruces” at Williamstown Savings Bank, 795 Main Street; The Community Chest, PO Box 204; or area churches.

Overseeing the Fund will be a coordinating committee including Linda Conway, Chair of the Community Chest Board; Liz Costley, Chair of the Fund for Williamstown; Carrie Bail, Pastor of the First Congregational Church representing the Northern Berkshire Interfaith Clergy; Judy Giamborino, Executive Director of the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce; and Anne Singleton, Executive Director of the Community Chest.

Tom Sheldon, Chair of the Williamstown Board of Selectmen, is helping in the formation of the Fund, the idea for which came from John Law, President of Williamstown Savings Bank. The Bank has made a donation to seed the fund. Sheldon said he is deeply gratified by the responses of the organizations. “All of the approached organizations responded immediately and enthusiastically in this effort to help our neighbors.”

The First Congregational Church, several other faith-based organizations and the Red Cross have helped with immediate needs, as has the Spruces Tenants Association through its relief fund. The new Community Fund for the Spruces will raise and distribute money to meet both short-term and intermediate needs of displaced residents, such as temporary housing, resettling costs and basic survival requirements.

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