Here to serve you

So what exactly does the Community Chest do? You may have seen the numbers: we were founded in 1927, we’ve raised over $6,000,000. But numbers mean nothing by themselves, and we know that. So what does all this mean?

These past few years have been a dramatic time for the Williamstown community. We lost the local newspaper. The Spruces mobile home community is closing. The hospital was closed.

But in these challenging times, our community has been resilient. Highland Woods, with new affordable housing units, recently broke ground. People will be living in new homes by 2016. Behind the scenes, agencies and organizations are working harder than ever to rebuild our community.

With your kind contributions, we support our fifteen partner agencies who provide invaluable services to the people of our community. From transitional housing to healthcare, elder services to youth programs (to name a few), our partner agencies are dedicated to making this community a better place.

We ask you to join our cause. With 100% of all contributions going directly to our agencies, you can make our community and home a better place.

We are not a community because we live under the same mountains.
We are a community because of our willingness to be there for one another, to pick each other up.
Over 700 households currently contribute to the Williamstown Community Chest. Join our family, and with your support, we can continue to meet the needs of our greater community.